Hands-on: SteamVR's Desktop Theater Mode plays your PC video games on a giant VR screen

Valve`s venture into your living room seems to have stalled out a bit since last year`s Steam Machine launch but what about your digital living room? Recently, Valve revealed SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode, permitting you to play any of your existing Steam video games in virtual reality. Today, I took the new mode for a whirl at the yearly Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Computers may beat us at board games, but that doesn`t mean they`ll take control of the world

AlphaGo is the sort of supercomputer name a pulp science fiction author may come up with. However, the accomplishments of this Google DeepMind machine are just too genuine. It has actually ended up being the very first computer program to beat a professional human gamer of the Chinese method online game about battlefield heroes hacks Go, without handicaps, on a full-sized 19x19 board.

Swedish-Vietnamese game design workshops

Vietnamese students and game designers, in Hanoi, in addition to in Ho Chi Minh, had the opportunity in March to meet with the most popular Swedish teachers in online game design.In an interactive learning experience and through exercises those participating in the workshops on 22 23 March got to learn ways to avoid mistakes and pointers for successful marketing of one’s game.Sweden has an exceptional record in video game development with successes such as Minecraft, Battlefield, World in Conflict, Candy Crush Saga etc.